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15 man raids, why not?

After reading the WoW dev AMA one of the overarching topics people asked about were 25 man raids, and the apparent death of them as a format. When my guild was in its prime at the end of Wotlk and start of cata we were running 2 10 man teams, but we only managed maybe a handful of nights were 25’s were possible. Even then I think we only got to the second wing in icecrown. Not for lack of interest, we just could never get everyone on at the right time.

During cata we never had enough for 2 10’s but we always had more then enough for one. And it was pretty hard to pick who went. In an effort to get everyone in we had different people almost every raid. And because of that our progress was stunted for a long while as it felt like we were teaching the fights every raid to someone. It also upset some because they felt they were being left out, and upset others for lack of progress.

A 15 man raid would have been ideal for my group at that time. And I think even now it remains a very good idea. 5 more people is not that big a deal compared to 15. And the extra heals and room for dps would allow for much more flexibility then their currently exists in the 10 man format. I think it would also save dev time if instead of balancing fights for 10 and 25, and heroic modes for both condense it down to one size, it might mean more content overall.

Let’s face it; People are always going to go the easiest route to get loot when given an option. 25 mans on a personal level are really easy compared to 10’s. You have much less personal accountability and have lots of people who can fill in if you mess up. However on an organizational level they are much harder to pull off, thus 10 mans are of course going to be the most popular form of raiding. I think it is time for the WoW devs to give a different raid size a try, I think it would open up the game a good deal more.



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Official Announcement: Doctor Who Series 7 Will Premiere on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at 9/8c on BBC America!

For details, visit the Doctor Who site at

UPDATE: watch the Doctor Who Series 7 Premiere Trailer here!

Yes! And just a bit over a week too!


Another pic of my Derpy Cosplay, taken by RabuMia :3

I love your cosplay, you rock! :)


Another pic of my Derpy Cosplay, taken by RabuMia :3

I love your cosplay, you rock! :)

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Post-purchase rationalization and MMO’s

Something I have noticed over the years, once some people stop playing a MMO they feel the need to hate it. I do not know if it is them trying to justify their decision to quit, some buyer’s remorse(Post-purchase rationalization) from the new game they have chosen. Or maybe it is something else.

I am guilty of this myself a bit. I have ragged on SWToR some. But mostly in my case it was because I was just so disappointed in the game. I really wanted the game to be better. I wanted it to be a game I loved and it just could not deliver in what I expected from a modern mmo.

To get back on topic, the stuff being posted about the WoW Mist of Pandaria cinematic yesterday really bothered me. Most of it was coming from the Guild Wars 2 fanbase, people who almost assuredly used to play wow. It feels like those people need to justify thier purchase of GW2, they need to prove to themselves they are making the right move and quitting wow. It is not just GW2, if you read any website that cover MMO’s you will find it all over. People go from loving a game when playing, right to hate after they move on. There is no in-between.

Now do not get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you have legit issues you are very justified in voicing them. I have my own complaints about WoW, and I am not sure I will be playing in MoP either. But I enjoyed my time with WoW, I enjoyed the people I played with. If you have a legit concern with a game, voice it, if you are bitching just to justify moving to a new game in your mind please give it a rest.

Very cool

Very cool

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Has Free to play gone too far?

News today from Gamescom in Germany of several big name titles going free to play. When I say titles I am talking about games that had largely, in the past, been single player experiences. EA annoucned the planned Command and Conquer: Generals 2 will now be a free to play title, and part of a C&C online portal. Ubisoft announced Anno online, Heroes of Might and Magic Online, and Silent Hunter Online.  

The one thing these 4 titles have in common is all of them are classic single player franchises. 

I have to wonder what the impetus for this move is? Is it the big studios just trying to cash in on a popular gaming model? Is this a reaction to Piracy? Is this a way to hedge their bets and get away with designing only simple games?

This actually started with EA last year. With the Last Tiger woods game on PC it was a bare bones affair. It looked like a game from the 90’s and the reason for that is, it was based on the same engine as Tiger woods online. And in fact it came with 3 months free of the premium subscription for that game. Whereas the console version was very slick, well made and looked great. The other big difference was, beyond a few simple items you had to pay for each course, each club, and each piece of clothing your golfer wore. Even in the single player game.

The first RTS I ever played was the first Command and Conquer. I really love that game, and I have been a huge fan of the HoMM games as well. I hate to see the future of these titles become one where you are nickle and dimed for every little scrap of content. Frankly it just turns me off. Want that new tank? 4.99 and you can use it in games for 48 hours! 

I think piracy is the excuse companies will use for games like these. As it has always been piracy is a huge scapegoat for any game publish that has an under performing title. When in reality, the reason for this move to monetized free to play is one of the continuing revenue stream all game companies want now. And they know that for every person that will not pay a dime for anything in a free to play game, there is another guy willing to spend as much as possible just to have an advantage over the rest.

I want my single player games back. I want to be able to pay a set price and get the entire package. This leads into day one and just post launch DLC as well, but that is a topic for another day.

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Ponies, and the men who love them.

So that picture of all the people hating on Bioware for the picture of a pony in mass effect armor got me thinking. I really do not think people understand the MLP fan community at all. 

I guess I should explain how I started to like the show. I started posting the memes, and link to pictures as a joke about a year ago now. I saw people talking about it on a few sites I visited, and I thought like most everyone else did that it must be an act. These guys must be just playing a joke on the community, My little pony? The girls toys with the hair brushes?

But after reading some things the “Bronies” had written, and seeing that these were actually genuinely nice people I thought, what the hell lets give the show a chance. And well, I loved it. I have always been a fan of animation. I have watched cartoons pretty much my whole life, so a well done cartoon no matter the subject is an easy sell for me. But the community around MLP is the most accepting, most generous and all around nicest ones I have ever seen online. Watching the show, and then discussing the details online, or even watching a live stream and chatting as it is going on is a ton of fun.

So when people hate on MLP or its fandom, it irks me to no end. These people are not hurting you. So why do these men like a show about colored ponies?

Bronies I think are kind of the exact opposite of the normal Internet user. It is a reaction to all the hate and negativity that we see on a daily basis. It is a group that values tolerance, optimism, and acceptance over hate, bigotry, and cynicism. Yes it is focused on a show based on something that used to be solely targeted at little girls. But I think that is part of what gives it an empowering effect to the community. I think if people would take the time, to get over their bias, and really see the people in the community for what they are they would realize just how wrong they are about bronies.

The show brings the bronies together, but the community is why they stay. That is why people who society thinks should reject everything My little pony is about, embrace it. They are a group just sick of the way normal internet communities act, that they came to that realization because of a show about pretty colored ponies does not really matter.